Managed Services


CIS managed services are designed to keep your network, servers and computers optimized and to minimize unscheduled downtime and business interruptions.

Leverage professional and experienced IT resources to quickly and accurately identify and resolve areas of concern.
Managed services consists of the following:
Managed Anti-Virus

Best in class anti-virus solution. Active monitoring alerts IT technicians about threats. Helps prevent employees from bypassing security measures.

Web Protection

Individual content filtering to minimize exposure to know web threats. Gain insight into user bandwidth usage and web viewing habits.

Managed Firewall

Proven protection with enterprise class features.

Patch Management

First line of defense against security vulnerabilities. Software and operating system updates can be installed at specific times that will not impact business operations.

Managed Backup

Access to encrypted cloud service with local synchronized backup for accelerated recovery. Ability to virtualize entire systems and store off-site for superior disaster recovery capabilities.

Active Monitoring

Quick response to Internet outages and network issues. Failing hardware can be proactively addressed. Alerting to software and operating system anomalies.

Remote Support

Technicians available 24/7 to quickly respond to concerns. Most issues resolved in under an hour.